Aromatherapy, Wickless Candles, Fragrances, Essential Oils

aromatherapy, wickless candles, fragrances, essential oils

Las Vegas Aroma Of Paradise Scentsy Independent Consultant I have always loved candles burning in my house. However, I have 3 children and have always worried about the flame, soot and smoke. Then I was introduced to Scentsy aromatherapy and fragrance essential oils and was addicted. All my worries were put to rest when I was told about the Safety Features.

Actually my reaction went a little more like this: "You mean I can choose from all these different scents and decorative warmers, always have my house smelling good WITH the ease that my children will not be burned or set the house on fire? Where do I sign up?"

I first joined Scentsy with the mindset of benefiting me and my Family with the fragrance oils, essential oils, aromatherapy, wickless candles and more. Now I realize the potential this company has and the growing opportunities in creating an actual business.

I want to share it with EVERYBODY! Right now Scentsy actually allows me to save money for vacations or things I would never be able to purchase. Another bonus to Scentsy is the Flexibility. I can do as little or as much with it as I want and I control my time!

Skin And Body Care

Fine Fragrance Roller skin and body care Indulge in evocative body care and fragrance products composed of lavish ingredients designed to keep skin silky-soft, supple and delightfully scented. For women. A kiss of parfum to trace along your pulse points, or wherever you wish. .34 fl. oz.

Scentsy Fragrances

Scentsy Essential Oil Diffusers aromatherapy, wickless candles, fragrances, essential oils Nothing awakens your mood or brightens up your space like our handcrafted Scentsy Diffuser - now available in seven stunning designs to offer you a completely personalized fragrance experience. Add water and your favorite all-natural Scentsy Oils, choose your lighting and mist settings and wake up your senses - with a lifetime guarantee!

Natural & Essential Oil

Scentsy Natural Oils scentsy natural and essential oils We source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe to deliver the best natural and essential oils in the world. Use Scentsy Oils alone or blend them together to create your own custom fragrance. Exclusively designed for use in a Scentsy Diffuser.

Scentsy Fresh Scents

Scentsy Clean Home scentsy fresh scents clean home Bright, lovely fragrances take your senses on a delightful journey, while cutting-edge cleaning technologies fend off dirt and easily dissolve grime for a spotless and beautifully scented home. Absorbs odors and fills the air with beautiful scent. Mist on hard-to-wash surfaces like carpets, furniture and curtains - anywhere you want to experience long-lasting Scentsy fragrance.

All-Natural Essential Scentsy Oils

scentsy fragrances exclusive Scentsy fragrance from cleaning solutions to luxurious personal care Kimberly Hudson

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Scentsy Laundry

Laundry Liquid, Washer Whiffs, Dryer Disk, Clothing Conditioner From the purple hills of Provence to a balmy island paradise - exclusive, high-efficiency formulas clean, condition and scent clothes for a remarkable sensory experience that extends far beyond your laundry room. High-efficiency and ultra-concentrated, our laundry detergent leaves your clothes, towels and linens remarkably clean and infused with the perfect amount of Scentsy fragrances.

laundry liquid, washer whiffs, dryer disk, clothing conditioner

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